Rita & Lexi 2


We are two academics on opposite ends of the Pacific, who are both about to undertake sabbatical: Rita in Turkey/ Vancouver and Lexi in Hungary/Kingscliff. As a component of our Peripatetic Inquiry, we propose to document our collaborative walking individually, where we have one humble protocol for engagement. The collaboration is necessarily peripatetic in that we seek to observe our practices of writing, artmaking, reading, documenting and thinking as we experience movement, both in place and displaced, through the events and vagaries of journeying and travel. The protocol is to,

walk’ to a place we’ve never been, focusing on our sensory engagements in the experience of movement, documenting impressions and involvements in anticipation/ throughout/ upon reflection on and of the walk.

The terms ‘walk’ ‘walking’ ‘impressions’ ‘document’ ‘sensory’ ‘experiences’ etc. can be deconstructed, challenged, transformed, metaphorical, symbolic, provocative. The notion of movement through space and time by ‘walking’ as a metaphor or symbol or action or event are both entangled and extended beyond their definitions; thus the concepts are also in movement, and in flux. Thus, the peripatetics of this inquiry are entwined in both the embodiments of walking as well as the expressions with which we engage as we move through, as we perform, as we create and participate in the event of walk. We will be moving, thinking, and documenting, gently, meditatively and thoughtfully in the spirit of the sabbatical as a restorative encounter with place, displacements and roaming.