Walking and Sensory Methodologies Course Syllabus: Week 1

WalkingLab co-director, Stephanie Springgay, is teaching a walking methodology course this spring. This was the first week of classes. In addition to an introductory lecture on key concepts and ideas that shape the field of walking studies, the class spent an afternoon at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto. This is the ‘revitalized’ industrial site of the former Don Valley Brick Works a 100 year old brick factory. To the west of the park is a wide trail system that runs north following the Don Valley river.

Students were asked to ‘Take Thought for a Walk’ and stroll around the paths and boardwalks of the revitalized quarry. Prompts were used to engage students in a walking discussion about the readings, extractive economies, landscape urbanism, and the geologic history of the area. After a larger group discussion and coffee break, the class walked in silence north through the Moore Park ravine for 30 minutes before returning to the Brickworks to reflect on the class and make cyanotype prints. The prints act as traces of the walks and evocative of water and sky.