• Peak District May 2010 "white is nothing dark is nothing," Sarah Cullen

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Performing Lines: Innovations in walking research methodologies is an international research project with a goal to create a collaborative network and partnership between artists, arts organizations, activists, scholars and educators. Rupturing commonplace understandings of what it means to move, the various research projects and events activated at WalkingLab attend to issues related to trans, Land, and affect. Look for: Springgay, S. & Truman, S. E. Walking methodologies in a more-than-human world: WalkingLab. (Routledge, 2017).


Header image: Peak District May 2010, “white is nothing, dark is nothing”
Created by artist Sarah Cullen: sarahvbcullen.tumblr.com

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In my first post on walking in service work, I introduce walking (and running) as forms of body work in waitressing. This post is motivated by my reading of the anonymous auto-ethnographic blog... Read More

look up at the bellies of birds
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