WalkingLab is an active laboratory for research and development on walking methodologies. It aims to generate a diverse range of walking research related to civic engagement and critical public pedagogy, experiment with different media and mobile technologies, and compose an anarchive that attends to the live, temporal and performative nature of walking research.

WalkingLab seeks to host artists, scholars, curators and/or writers interested in walking research for a 1-3 month residency. We deploy the term residency as a mode of thinking that is immersive, experimental, in process and unfolds over time. However, there is no specific physical site where the residency takes place. Rather in activating the perambulatory and peripatetic qualities of walking research, to be “in residence” requires that participants contribute to WalkingLab‘s blog on a weekly basis during the residency period.

The aim of the residency is to think critically and experimentally about the peripatetic – a kind of research and development on walking, perambulation, movement, affect, matter, and embodied knowing.

2018 – We are currently not accepting new residency applications. Please check back in future. 

Past WalkingLab Residents


January 11 to March 8
Sebastian Samur & The Voice Exchange
Ghost walks Toronto

January 18 to March 14
Mindy Blaise
Walking with Lobito

March 1 to 31
Helio Butler Institute

April 1 to February 28 (2017)
4elements Living Arts

June 1 to July 1
Linda Knight
Inefficient Mappings

June 15 to August 30
Hamilton Perambulatory Unit

September 15 – January 15 (2017)
Sarah Cullen
Taking an Object for a Walk

October 1 – December 1
Mapping Edges Research Studio
Walking with Seeds

October 15 – December 15
Audrey Hudson and OCADU Students
Land, Culture, Community and Walking

October 25 – December 25
Elaine Swan
Walking with Food Work


January 1 – February 28
Rebecca Coleman
Encountering Temporality: Walking, Media(tion) and the Sensory

April 10 – April 15
Dillon de Give
Coyote Itinerancy

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