In this post we present a series of maps we produced at Frontyard to retrace our steps and the evolution, or disappearance, of the seeds we scattered and gifted. The maps are made with: Seeds from the project Knots, … Read More

Everything Gardens

We dedicated our walk to Bill Mollison. Mollison, who passed away on 24 September, was a teacher, writer, ecologist, co-originator of permaculture with David Holmgren, and many more things. We walked with Mollison’s A Permaculture Designer Manual in our mind, … Read More

Frontyard, a starting point

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We have been meeting to start our walks at Frontyard, a local, future-facing ‘Not-Only-Artist Run Initiative’. Frontyard is located on the land of the Gadigal Wangal people, now in the heart of the sprawling Sydney suburb of Marrickville. Marrickville has recently … Read More