WalkingLab Receives SSHRC Insight Grant

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Pleased to announce that WalkingLab‘s Directors Stephanie Springgay and Sarah E. Truman have been awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada (SSHRC) Insight Grant to continue their research. The grant (2020-2024): “Critical Walking Methodologies of Place: Research-Creation with Diverse … Read More

Journal of Public Pedagogies Special Issue

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The Special Issue on ‘Walking in/as Publics’ in the Journal of Public Pedagogies guest edited by WalkingLab is out now! This issue features 25 collaborators from around the world. See the full table of contents with links to all articles: here.

Counterfuturisms and speculative temporalities: walking research-creation in school

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WalkingLab has a new publication in the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education entitled ‘Counterfuturisms and speculative temporalities: walking research-creation in school.’ https://doi.org/10.1080/09518398.2019.1597210 Here is the abstract: In education, walking has typically been used as a pedagogical strategy to … Read More

Uncomfortable Art Tours, London UK

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WalkingLab was in London and took part in an “Uncomfortable Art Tour” at the Tate Britain, led by The Exhibitionist (aka Alice Procter: https://www.theexhibitionist.org/). The walking tour examines the colonial and imperial legacies of museums, collectors/patrons, and art practices. Rather … Read More

Stone Walks Lancaster

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Stone Walks Lancaster: Militarisms, migration, and speculative geology Friday August 10th 7:15 pm, 2018 Lancaster PA Meet outside the front doors of the Ware Centre Join WalkingLab for a 90+ minute walk in Lancaster, PA. Queering the format of a walking tour, Stone … Read More

Indelible Refusal: Bodies, Performance, Walking Resistance starts Monday February 26th

This series of public lectures, panel discussions, film screenings, workshops, artistic walking interventions, performances, and master classes aim to actively engage in pedagogies of refusal and solidarity. The program aims to walk-with and think-with Indigenous, Black, 2 spirit, queer and … Read More

Article in Body & Society: A Transmaterial Approach to Walking Methodologies Embodiment, Affect, and a Sonic Art Performance

WalkingLab’s Stephanie Springgay & Sarah E. Truman have an article out in Body & Society: A Transmaterial Approach to Walking Methodologies Embodiment, Affect, and a Sonic Art Performance. Here is the Abstract: Bodily methodologies that engage with the affective, rhythmic, … Read More

Red Line Labyrinth

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Walis Johnson is collaborating with WalkingLab to enact a Red Line Labyrinth. Can an artist intervention translate contested spatial and racial narratives that define the real and imagined landscape of New York? The Red Line Project brings together discursive, often … Read More

Navigation Walk: Cairns

All throughout Iceland are heaps of stones perched on mountains or peppered along vast plains. They are called steinvarða (cairns). Cairns were typically built as landmarks along hiking paths, and were important for people to find their way through Iceland’s diverse … Read More

Walking Borders – by Maggie O’Neill

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Check out Professor Maggie O’Neill’s research website: WalkingBorders that documents and shares the walks undertaken by O’Neill as part of her Leverhulme Research Fellowship. The online research site documents walks in the form of a walking blog that includes maps, … Read More

The Herring Girls

WalkingLab has been living in Ólafsfjörður, one of Iceland’s oldest fishing villages (the ‘industry’ is only 100 years old). The neighbouring village to the north-west, Siglufjörður, was once the second largest fishing port in all of Iceland. WalkingLab spent time … Read More

WalkingLab Featured in Canadian Art

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“What scaffolds, structures and supports exist for walking-based art and artists?” – Asks Leah Sandals in her article in Canadian Art featuring WalkingLab with interview comments from Stephanie Springgay: The initial impetus for WalkingLab, Springgay says, “was less about increasing visibility” of walking … Read More

Unpacking (after) a coyote walk 4

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Improvisation, notes on group walks Walking accommodates. It’s something of a go-to form for socially engaged art, perhaps because extra people can easily come aboard. It is praised as an activity helpful for mind, body and soul. However this attractive approachability … Read More

Unpacking (after) a coyote walk 3

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Practicing a walking place As mentioned, I am writing my reflections on the 2017 coyote walk from a new home, across the continent, in Washington state. In contrast to New York City transportation here is highly centered around the automobile, though … Read More

On the Need for Methods Beyond Proceduralism: Speculative Middles, (In)Tensions, and Response-Ability in Research – Article

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Stephanie Springgay and Sarah E. Truman have a new article out in Qualitative Inquiry: On the Need for Methods Beyond Proceduralism: Speculative Middles, (In)Tensions, and Response-Ability in Research. Here’s the Abstract: This article responds to agitations occurring in qualitative research … Read More

Unpacking (after) a coyote walk 2

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I included the phrase “inoperative ecology” in my previous post thinking of Jean-Luc Nancy’s idea of an “inoperative community”. In the book by that name he brings up an idea of a community-revealed-in-death (as opposed to one constructed-as-a-project). The project … Read More

Water Walk: Lost Rivers

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On our group walk this past week we followed a portion of the route of one of Toronto’s “lost rivers,” the Taddle Creek that once ran from Wychwood down through the Annex and U of T campus, before entering the … Read More

Encountering Temporality V: Pedestrian Crossings: Counting Down to the Future

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Lewisham Way is a road busy with traffic. Pedestrian crossings are situated along its length. When crossing the road via various pedestrian crossings I encountered several different temporalities, including waiting and rushing or feeling hurried. The experiences of these temporalities … Read More

Encountering Temporality IV: Doorbells as Anticipatory Devices

Walking along Lewisham Way and documenting encounters with temporality, I came across a number of doorbells: on homes, shops and organisations. The latter includes the Lewisham Arthouse, a charity that supports arts and arts-based learning through creative workspaces, specialist facilities … Read More


  In this post we present a series of maps we produced at Frontyard to retrace our steps and the evolution, or disappearance, of the seeds we scattered and gifted. The maps are made with: Seeds from the project Knots, … Read More

Taking an Object for a Walk – Post 12 – Final Post

My previous walking work, as an artist, can be split into two groups: the first being the project The City as Written by the City, and secondly collaborative work with Simon Pope – From Unspoken Landscapes, Figures in a Landscape, … Read More

Taking an Object for a Walk – Post 10

I am nearing the end of my residency. Winter has come, and walking on a whim has become a bit more restrained because of cold temperatures. I decided to let V stay in her warm classroom and go it alone … Read More

Walking with Grandma in Egypt

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  On reflection, Zahra, a student talked about her experience walking in the markets in Egypt and what she learned from her community, especially her grandma. “Basket weaving is one of the most prominent crafts that are still practiced today. … Read More

Right Across the Street

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  As we sat perched on the steps in the back of the AGO, facing Beverely Street, Danny had an announcement to make  at the end of our walk in regards to community building. “The (OCADU) student union will be … Read More

Line Drawings and Curiosity

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For the first part of this walking project, I took students on a walk around our community, OCAD University. I provided a brief history of the community and asked them to look at this walk as a discovery walk in … Read More

Everything Gardens

We dedicated our walk to Bill Mollison. Mollison, who passed away on 24 September, was a teacher, writer, ecologist, co-originator of permaculture with David Holmgren, and many more things. We walked with Mollison’s A Permaculture Designer Manual in our mind, … Read More

look up at the bellies of birds

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Entry #1 Takaronto is the Mohawk word for ‘where there are trees standing in the water’. Now known as Toronto, the original keepers of this land were the Haudenosaunee and most recently the Mississaguas of the New Credit. We need … Read More

HPU Strata-Walks (Buffalo version) – (de)touristing

Photo: “The Canoes” by Nancy Rubin outside the Albright-Knox in Buffalo. I’ve come to Buffalo as an artist-in-residence with the Open Air Institute at SUNY Buffalo’s Department of Media Study. Open Air Director Teri Rueb is my mentor and guide. … Read More

Frontyard, a starting point

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We have been meeting to start our walks at Frontyard, a local, future-facing ‘Not-Only-Artist Run Initiative’. Frontyard is located on the land of the Gadigal Wangal people, now in the heart of the sprawling Sydney suburb of Marrickville. Marrickville has recently … Read More

Public Lecture – Stephanie Springgay

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WalkingLab’s Stephanie Springgay will give a public lecture entitled The primacy of movement in artist-residency projects in schools or How to make a classroom operate like a work of art? 5pm – Tue 11th Oct Harry Clarke Lecture Theatre, NCAD … Read More

The Warren Run

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Date: 5th of June, 10am-12pm. Location: ‘The Warren’ section of Marrickville. With meeting point and start/finish line at Richardson Park (Holt Crescent). The Warren Run is a fun run through a suburban obstacle course of people’s houses, driveways, backyards, fences … Read More

Riverwalking – guided tour (Tijuana River Estuary)

The Tijuana Estuary is an international wetland where waters from Tijuana, Imperial Beach and the Pacific Ocean mix.   Much work has been done to address issues of habitat conservation, maintenance, waste-water management and restoration of this coastal habitat. Seeking a divergent experience of this site, HBI … Read More

Altered Gait/Altered Gaze

“Considered no longer as a bounded, concrete site, the field exists instead as a distributed space of things, relations and bodies. And in turn, fieldwork is no longer conceived solely through the logics of extraction and recovery; rather, it is … Read More

Live Art, Social & Community Engagement: Interrogating Methodologies of Practice

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Monday April 4th 10am-3pm Location: UNSW Galleries Corner of Oxford St & Greens Rd Paddington Free Event. Register on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/live-art-social-community-engagement-methodologies-of-practice-tickets-21750417083 This one-day forum on live art, social and community practice is focused on interrogating methodologies of practice with a … Read More

Riverwalking – substance//meaning (Atmospheric River, San Diego)

Atmospheric rivers named into being Studied by NOAH The scientist   I walk with forecasts replaying Weaving videos from videos Reading clips from others lips   Rivers flow with what is available. What is available?   To walk in san … Read More

Riverwalking – relationship (Los Angeles River)

An appeal to the LA river Sent to River Authority March 14, 2016 _____________________________________________   _____________________________________________   To whom it may concern,   The Helio Butler Institute is requesting the permission of the LA River to walk from its mouth … Read More

Riverwalking – Introduction

  This month, three primary researchers-at-large from the Helio Butler Institute for Intraterrestrial Survival (HBI) will embark on a journey of exploration through the waterways of Southern California. Maya Land, Alexis Selleck and Nassem Navab hope to develop an experiential … Read More

Walking with the more-than-human: Paying attention to Lobito’s movements

Paying attention to Lobito’s movements Wagging tail, tucked-under tail Staring at something, staring at nothing, staring at me Standing still Pulling away Sniffing pavement, sniffing plants, sniffing corners, sniffing urine, sniffing air Circling around, circling about Bending under fences, bending … Read More

Walking with the more-than-human: EXPERIMENTING WITH A LOOSE LEAD

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Who’s leading? Who’s following?   Taking time, making time Twenty………twenty-five……….thirty…….. Lobito is busy sniffing the grey asphalt concrete….. thirty-five…… Sighing with frustration, I look around for approaching cars, people, or dogs….. forty……forty-five….. I am tempted to pull the lead and … Read More

Year of Walking 2015

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2015 is the year of the WALK! Check out information here.   http://www.wien.info/en/vienna-for/sports/vienna-goes-on-foot-2015    

Walking Workshops in Brisbane

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Three days of experimental walks have been designed to create conditions that enable thinking, observing and theorising of being with matter, that is, being in the world, enable knowing in and through the world. The intention is to explore how … Read More