Shahrzad Malekian and Alessandro Marchi

Tag Score: Seek Water

Tag Location: Oslo, Norway

Back to the Future is an artwork in the form of a guided walk through Oslo led by the
artists Shahrzad Malekian and Alessandro Marchi. We walked from a socialist utopia
and ended up in a Dystopian sewer pipe. Throughout the walk, we experienced an interplay between the body, the imagination, a resurrected river and the history of Oslo, which is going through gentrification. By the act of walking around the appearance and disappearance of the river, we connected to the body of the city as if we were spectators of a surgical operation. We shared personal observations and objective data and together met the river that has been used, misused, displaced, hidden, relocated, adapted and refurbished. Hovinbekken has never stopped flowing from the forest to the fjord and serving the mutating needs of its surroundings and it is now carrying the weight of the new identity of an imminent future city within a city.