Km2 is a series of propositional walks, each of which take place within a squared kilometer in a city: hence, Km2. The constraint of a defined area and the multiple propositions work to uncover layers of senses, stories and emotions found in the urban landscape. Each of these are based on past HPU walks. Do one Kmwalk per week.

City-Film Walk: Take a camera with you. Pay close attention to what attracts and repulses you. Edit the photos together into a city-film of your route.

Synesthesia Walk: Bring a writing device with you. Notice the different smells you encounter. Describe the smells using words from a different sense-organ. For example: a lemon smell may be described as “screeching metal.”

Found Materials Walk: Take some tools with you. Walk in the epicenter of the square kilometer foraging useable materials. Assemble them into a work in the street. Take a photograph of your intervention in situ. Leave it there for others to find.