3d print porcelain rockface



50° 6’7.21”N 122° 59’31.69W

These coordinates will get you to the vicinity of a series of rock faces along the Valley Trail in Whistler, BC.

LOCATIONS (works in progress)

I am creating a series of objects that relate to the documentation and re/interpretations of locations discovered through the act of walking. Each is tagged to a GPS location making the objects themselves a series of ‘propositional walks’ for the viewer.

Over the next year I am capturing and interpreting locations along familiar walks in both whistler, Canada and Matapouri, New Zealand. These locations belong to both a formal mapping system (GPS) and an internal personal one (they are areas where I have walked daily and feel a sense of belonging) The photographed information I collect through photogrammetry is manipulated through a variety of technologies including 3D software, 3D printing, mould making, slip-casting, kiln-cast glass, etc.… allowing for a re-interpretation and new layers of information to occur-this reveals new relationships between walking, noticing, capturing, documenting, GPS locating, personal space and materials: I move between being a Cartographer and into the Personal in order to reveal new ways of noticing and recording. These ‘captured locations’ become objects that are each tagged with a longitude and latitude and become artefacts that not only offer aesthetic experiences, but are layered with invitations or ‘propositional walks’ for the viewer to locate the source of the pieces back to an original walk and a geographic location.

Thanks to James Kuehn, CADD/Technical Illustrator instructor at Medicine Hat College, for his assistance and continued collaborative support with 3D modelling and printing and GPS locating as a topic.