Sensory Ethnography Course at Penn State College with Dr. Kimberly Powell, Spring 2015

This course is a mix of practical research methods via multiple field assignments, readings, lecture and discussion, and culminates with a student sensory ethnographic project. Critiques from anthropology, indigenous studies, and disability studies pertaining to views of the senses will be part of this course as we consider the ways in which the senses are conceived of as cultural constructions that acquire social and cultural capital: the privileging of hearing, ambulation, seeing, etc.

The Arts & Design Research Incubator Penn State College of Arts and Architecture

The Arts and Design Research Incubator (ADRI), a new established program within The College of Arts and Architecture at Penn State, is an effort to launch high-impact arts and design research projects off the ground and in the public eye. WalkingLab’s Dr. Powell is affiliated with ADRI.

ADRI coordinates and hosts a range of programming designed to foster and support innovative arts research and its broad dissemination, including the lunchtime lecture series. Remaining lectures this spring include Kimberly Powell, “Walking as Wayfaring: Movement-Based Inquiry in and for the Arts and Social Sciences” (March 23); Bill Doan, “Embodied Mind/Damaged Brain: The Art of Beginnings and Endings (April 6); and Joe Julian, “Brain Sculpture: How Making Art Remakes Your Brain” (April 20). All lectures begin at 12:10 p.m. in 16 Borland.

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Mattering Reading Group at OISE, UT

A group of graduate students and professors who meet monthly to discuss books related to new materialism, post humanism, and research-creation. Current texts we’re reading:
Barad, Karen (2007). Meeting the universe halfway. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.
Guattari, Felix. (2013). Schizoanalytic cartographies. NewYork: Bloomsbury.
Massumi, Brian. (2014). What animals teach us about politics. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.

Walking & Sensory Methodologies Course: September 8 to November 24, at OISE, UT

Dr. Stephanie Springgay is offering a course which focuses on peripatetic research across a wide range of disciplines and historical precedents including anthropology, geography, cultural studies, philosophy, education, and art.