ULTRASOUND panauriconal soundwalk

for smart phone+headphones+internet

1-put your headphones on your ears
2-click on the link:
click on the arrow in the circle
3-walk around Arthur Circus from House 41 to House 30, anticlockwise.

ULTRASOUND is a fictional soundwalk around historical Arthur Circus, Hobart, Tasmania, with portable audio device and headphones, presented by Constance ARI first travelling exhibition called CIRCUS the 18th and 19th of September 2015.
Inspired by archival facts, ULTRASOUND reveals privacy of single wharfies living in 1852 behind facing facades.
15 different soundscapes are audible in front of each house and will be available anytime online for walkers in Hobart, Tasmania.

ULTRASOUND travel through space and time.
What were they doing in that residential panopticonal architecture? Security or surveillance? Any sound can be noticed...