Glen Farrelly, Jennifer Wiens, and Nora Wiens Farrelly

Tag Score: Encounter Something Sculptural

Tag Location: Toronto, Canada

Despite receiving our score weeks ago, we hoped the pandemic would lessen and enable us to explore further afield. Previously, we enjoyed our neighbourhood – but with the unrelenting pandemic, no car, and fear of public transit, our neighbourhood has been our prison for over a year. We’ve rarely been able to go beyond a 10-block radius of our home. We recalled an amazing outdoor sculpture near our home, so we walked there and took photos of sculptural things en route. When we arrived at our destination, we were dejected to see it had been removed. Yet another thing taken from us lately! But we saw cool things along the way, got some tasty fries, and while walking back discovered a bizarrely wonderful giant head on a neighbour’s lawn.