Jane Bartier

Fig 1: Engage with strata, collage, paper, wattle dye, cocoon seepage, concrete, haybale twine
Figure 2: Strata arriving, image 2021

Tag Score: Engage with strata

Tag Location: Winchelsea, Waddurrong Country, Victoria Australia

I keep circling a place of land, unceded Waddurrong country. It is April and ad hoc holes are in the ground, perhaps 3cm across. The transparent deep orange, finely lined cocoons, half in and out of the hole, appear as the insects move into moths. Their precious remains leak old rainwater with leftover bodily fluids onto my jumper. That smell stays in my jumper and as a smell of this place. Strata of soil, hole, cocoon, looking, bending, gathering. I imagine the ground hole jostling amongst strata to form the escape tunnel.