Walking with the more-than-human: Paying attention to Lobito’s movements

Paying attention to Lobito’s movements

  • Wagging tail, tucked-under tail
  • Staring at something, staring at nothing, staring at me
  • Standing still
  • Pulling away
  • Sniffing pavement, sniffing plants, sniffing corners, sniffing urine, sniffing air
  • Circling around, circling about
  • Bending under fences, bending under bushes
  • Dashing to
  • Pairing ears back, perking ears up
  • Cocking head in query, cocking head in bemusement
  • Licking bark, licking leaves, licking pavement, licking walls
  • Leading me
  • Following smells
  • Turning towards, turning away, turning back, turning around

    On the way to nowhere