3 City Strata-Walk


November 21st, 2015
HPU’s Strata-Walk (Victoria Edition)

WalkingLab and Hamilton Perambulatory Unit invite you out on a stratigraphic walk to map the different layers of meanings, stories, and systems that make up a place.

With the help of a list of prompts, we will lead this exploration of the urban landscape in three different cities, on three different continents! It will take place in Sydney, Australia (where WalkingLabers will walk), Windsor, Ontario (with HPUers will walk as part of the Stories of the City exhibition opening), and London, England (where composer David Ben Shannon will lead).

Each city will host a group walk down Victoria Street/Avenue on November 21st, 2015. Each group will collectively map the “strata” of that street on that date using a list of prompts.

Please contact Sarah E. Truman (sarah.truman@mail.utoronto.ca) to participate in the Sydney, Australia Strata-Walk. We will meet on the NW corner of Victoria St and Brougham Ln at 3pm on November 21st.

Please contact the HPU (hamiltonperambulatoryunit@gmail.com)to participate in the Windsor, Ontario Strata-Walk.

Please contact David Ben Shannon (davidbenshannon@icloud.com) to participate in the London, UK Strata-Walk.

If you want to add a city contact HPU.