Mark Shillitoe

Tag Score: Engage with Strata

Tag Location: Amstelpark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The score was activated in Amstelpark, Amsterdam, at the launch of the School for Multi-Species Knowledges. A soundwalk led learners alone- together in a walk-with the non-human and network of mycelium that exists beneath the weight of our bodies. With a recognition that one is never inside or outside the network we re-tune to the rhythms of the layers of walking.

The mapping considers felt and sensed directions taken, object encounters and the possibilities of walking more paths at once.

Humans, non-humans walk-with stories beneath the soil, listening to the murmurings of the unspoken.
Considering knowledge as acts of allowance and confessions of the non-productive.

The mapping was performed following the walk
collected word mapping
walk just walk…

Blackbird forgetting the rain; Parallel crossing; Mill stone; Reflection; A threshold: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64… Rain on the grass.
Walk on more paths at once.
layers: knots: reflection: bluebells fade.
walk just walk…
granular cool; sun warming; threshold; sun through the trees; moments – to become.
walk just walk…

People, places, objects, actions, abstractions…
walk just walk…

Acknowledging the MycoMythologies Storytelling Circle Soundwalk by Saša Spačal & Kaitlin Bryson