Jackman Humanities Institute Arts Program and WalkingLab Present:

Indelible Refusal: Bodies, Performances, and Walking Resistance

February 26 to March 6, 2018

This series of public lectures, panel discussions, film screenings, workshops, artistic walking interventions, performances, and master classes aim to actively engage in pedagogies of refusal and solidarity. The program aims to walk-with and think-with Indigenous, Black, 2 spirit, queer and trans artists and scholars to work through concepts related to land, settler colonialism, slavery, erasure, violence, and refusal.

This event has been funded through the Jackman Humanities Institute, The Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies, University of Toronto, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto, Sexuality and Diversity Studies University of Toronto, The Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Toronto, and the First Nations House University of Toronto.

Organized by: Stephanie Springgay, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning, OISE; V.K. Preston, FAS Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies, University of Toronto.

Artists-in-residence during the duration of the event include:

Camille Turner
Gein Wong
Jes Sachse
Vanessa Dion Fletcher

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