Public Lecture – Stephanie Springgay

WalkingLab’s Stephanie Springgay will give a public lecture entitled The primacy of movement in artist-residency projects in schools or How to make a classroom operate like a work of art?

5pm – Tue 11th Oct
Harry Clarke Lecture Theatre, NCAD
Dublin, Ireland

Here is the abstract for the talk:

This presentation will contribute to the growing field of scholarship on movement in artist-residency projects. Particularly the paper considers how movement fundamentally disturbs boundaries, complicates and disrupts established relations, multiplies and creates immanent connections, produces the virtual, and extends the potential of the body in space. The presentation/paper expands on arguments about movement-sensation through social choreography in order to explore the relationship between movement and community. I consider how recent discussions of zootechnologies or swarms, while resisting methods of analytical investigation, can offer new ways of thinking about collectivity and political subjectivity that is ontogenetic, indeterminate, and of an ‘ecology’ in
co-composition. Movement is germane to emerging posthumanist explorations within educational research, and a crucial component for re-imagining research-creation methodologies. Through affective thinking about movement and political-tendings, this paper highlights the productive connections and mattering available in artist-residency projects in schools.