Stone Walks Lancaster: Militarisms, migration, and speculative geology

On August 10th, 2018 more than 60 participants joined WalkingLab for Stone Walks Lancaster: Militarisms, migration, and speculative geology, in Lancaster, PA. The walk included ‘pop-up’ lectures and artistic interventions into the name/place/concept ‘Lancaster.’ Approaching topics from a queer, feminist, Indigenous and critical race framework, the walk took up the theme of Lancaster obliquely. Topics ranged from the Lancaster Bomber, the Lancaster Treaty, the Sims speculum (from Lancaster South Carolina), militarisms, migration, settler colonization, Black diaspora, free market capitalism, sinkholes and speculative geology.

Pop up lectures by:

Chad Shomura, University of Colorado Denver: Settler Affect in Native Lands
Sarah Cefai, University of the Arts London: Market Exchange in Experience Capitalism
Michelle Wright, Emory University: Discipline & Punish…and Entanglement
Dana Luciano, Georgetown University: That Sinking Feeling
Greg Seigworth, Millersville University: Inventory of Lancaster Shimmers
WalkingLab: Everyday Militarisms & Minor Activisms


Photographs by Mark Yang, Lancaster PA