Right Across the Street

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As we sat perched on the steps in the back of the AGO, facing Beverely Street, Danny had an announcement to make  at the end of our walk in regards to community building. “The (OCADU) student union will be hosting it’s first hot lunch of the semester at 3pm today!! That’s right after class, so we can head back to school together if you’re interested”

The photographs below are what Danny shared with the class the following week. In the photographs there is a nondescript large house, with a plaque on the fence that read, Deep Quong Manor. We made a stop in front of it during our walk and so it was something I highlighted, but admittedly did not know much about it. I knew it was a temporary housing facility for men, without much knowledge about the organization.

Danny was interested in the house and did some research. He had this to share, “We didn’t have a large turnout for the hot lunch, and afterwards there were lots of leftovers we were gonna through away cause we didn’t have space to keep store it. Then I remembered our walk and class, and the house. So me and another student packed up the leftovers and walked over to the house to see if they would accept our donation. You know, our hot lunch. I told them where we were from and everything and that I wanted to do this every month if they wanted. I think the admin person was surprised, but took the donation and said we could talk. If it wasn’t for class today, I never would have known about the house which is in our own community of school”.

This was one of the most precious moments of walking I experienced with the class.