WalkingLab Featured in Canadian Art

“What scaffolds, structures and supports exist for walking-based art and artists?” – Asks Leah Sandals in her article in Canadian Art featuring WalkingLab with interview comments from Stephanie Springgay:

The initial impetus for WalkingLab, Springgay says, “was less about increasing visibility” of walking and more about bringing together work that was already happening “inside and outside of the arts” in North America, the UK, Australia and beyond—as well as asking questions about that work, and its predominant emphasis on the cult of the individual.

“WalkingLab often uses the term ‘walking with,’” says Springgay. “Even if you do a walk with one other person, what does that mean? How do we put habits and thoughts and bodies in this frictional tension with each other? How do we tend to these different concepts up against or through walking?”

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