Encountering Temporality V: Pedestrian Crossings: Counting Down to the Future

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Lewisham Way is a road busy with traffic. Pedestrian crossings are situated along its length. When crossing the road via various pedestrian crossings I encountered several different temporalities, including waiting and rushing or feeling hurried. The experiences of these temporalities … Read More

Riverwalking – substance//meaning (Atmospheric River, San Diego)

Atmospheric rivers named into being Studied by NOAH The scientist   I walk with forecasts replaying Weaving videos from videos Reading clips from others lips   Rivers flow with what is available. What is available?   To walk in san … Read More

Riverwalking – Direction: San Diego River

DIRECTION/RIVERS/MOVEMENT/MAPPING/TIME   Scramble lists until they don’t make sense mix salt into water until it becomes pure   the river flows to the sea the sea flows to the river   cars transporting children to soccer practice police to donut shops fish … Read More

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