Indelible Refusal: Bodies, Performance, Walking Resistance starts Monday February 26th

This series of public lectures, panel discussions, film screenings, workshops, artistic walking interventions, performances, and master classes aim to actively engage in pedagogies of refusal and solidarity. The program aims to walk-with and think-with Indigenous, Black, 2 spirit, queer and … Read More

Red Line Labyrinth

Walis Johnson is collaborating with WalkingLab to enact a Red Line Labyrinth. Can an artist intervention translate contested spatial and racial narratives that define the real and imagined landscape of New York? The Red Line Project brings together discursive, often … Read More

WalkingLab Featured in Canadian Art

“What scaffolds, structures and supports exist for walking-based art and artists?” – Asks Leah Sandals in her article in Canadian Art featuring WalkingLab with interview comments from Stephanie Springgay: The initial impetus for WalkingLab, Springgay says, “was less about increasing visibility” of walking … Read More


  In this post we present a series of maps we produced at Frontyard to retrace our steps and the evolution, or disappearance, of the seeds we scattered and gifted. The maps are made with: Seeds from the project Knots, … Read More

Taking an Object for a Walk – Post 12 – Final Post

My previous walking work, as an artist, can be split into two groups: the first being the project The City as Written by the City, and secondly collaborative work with Simon Pope – From Unspoken Landscapes, Figures in a Landscape, … Read More

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